Our Diesel Particulate Filters

.. are designed and produced in Denmark. We aim to provide quality filters, while keeping production costs low. Ultimately providing our customers with filters and membranes that are optimized in performance, as well as costprice. Landson is driven by state-of-the-art technology and hard earned knowhow in the ceramics industry. Specifically in the manipulation of alpha silicon carbide to produce DPF's as well as filters for water filtration. The combination of these attributes allow us to produce filters that uphold the standards of Euro 6, China 6, Tier 5, VERT and CARB.


Typical applications

The use of our products can be split into six categories, five of which relate to diesel particulate filters. Light/medium duty, heavy duty, off road, marine and stationary equipment.
These categories are listed below along with their typical filter sizes and shapes.
Please note that the list only serves as a guideline to which filter your project needs.

If you are in need of direct design assistance, please refer to the "Contact" page for our contact information, so we can find, or design, the right filter for you.

 | 1.68 L TO 8.67 L |

On road - off road icon

Passenger cars, Vans, SUVs
Typical shapes: Round, Oval & Racetrack

| 8.67 L TO 32.63 L |

On road - off road icon

Trucks, Busses and vehicles over 6 tons 
Typical shapes: Round, Oval & Racetrack

| 8.67 L TO 77.22 L |

On road - off road icon

 Agriculture, earthmoving equipment, open and closed mining, trains 
Typical shapes: Round & Square

| 8.34 L TO 8000+ L |

On road - off road icon

 Gensets for marine, Propulsion engines, Ships, Yatchs
Typical shapes: Round, Square & stacked squares

| 1.68 L TO 8000+ L |

On road - off road icon

 Generators, Cooling systems, Powerplants 
Typical shapes: Round, Square & stacked squares

If you wish to know more about our DPF filter configurations, feel free to browse through our company brochure, by clicking either the brochure on the side, or in the bottom of this page. 
For information about our involvement in water filtration refer to the page "Membranes". 

The material

Our filters are made from alpha silicon carbide. Alpha-SiC is a synthetic ceramic material that exibits outstanding mechanical properties. Silicon carbide develops when carbon and silicon is forced to react under extreme temperatures. After the reaction has occured, the resulting silicon carbide ingot is analysed and separated into two categories: Alpha- and Beta-SiC. 
Alpha-SiC is considered the highest grade of silicon carbide, and only forms in the radial layers that provide the best chemical conditions for the interconnection of silicon carbide crystals. We choose silicon carbide because of its high heat capacity, and heat conductivity, making it the perfect material for filters in highly agressive and temperature intensive environments.

The process

The Alpha-SiC crystals are crushed, mixed with organic binders, extruded, dried, and sintered back into their pure form. Once sintering has taken place, the SiC crystals have been recrystallised into a material matrix that offer high permeability without compromising the durability of the material. This yields filter segments that are made from 100% alpha silicon carbide. If you wish to have a more detailed look into the production of our filters, take your time to watch the video posted below. 

If you have any questions regarding the production of silicon carbide filters, material specifications, design requests, quotations, etc. our company is always open for inquiries. Refer to the "Contact" page to get in touch with us today and get the process started!


Standard filter configurations

Browse our range of standard diesel particulate filter solutions by pressing the link below.


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